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Installation procedures Hallmark

Step 1: Detailing the Slab

  • Grind all high spots

  • Round all Edges

  • Remove all paint, gum, oil, etc.

  • Cut open all cracks.

Step 2: Acid Etching

  • Acid etch on dry concrete when possible.

  • Always neutralize with ammonia.

Step 3: Power Washing

  • Power wash using a 3,000 PSI.

Step 4: Torch out Cracks

  • We need to torch all cracks to remove any moisture. This also increases the temperature of the concrete which will help accelerate the cure time of the Crack Weld.

Step 5: Crack Weld all cracks

  • Introduce the Crack Weld first into the crack.

  • Second, pour dry, clean silica/play sand into the wet crack weld.

  • Third, introduce more crack weld, then trowel smooth.

  • Once we have done your crack weld and it is dry, grind it smooth with a grinder.

  • Preparing the slab_spalled areas

1. Areas that have been eroded from salts and chemicals, should be repaired by using CTI's high density mortar.

2.Once the spalled area has been filled with HDM, trowel smooth and proceed with the rest of our preparation.

  • Crack repair for cracks 1/4" and greater.

Step 6: Skim Coat

  • We always prime by spraying water with a sprayer before skimming.

  • Skim coat

Step 7: Clean out tool joints

  • We flat scrape and rub brick if necessary.

  • Time to cut new tension relief cuts where needed.

  • Score the bottom of all tool joints.

  • Now we use the margin trowel to clean skim out of any existing control joints.

Step 8: Taping out the pattern

  • Use tape to lay out the basic designs such as tile, flagstone, etc. (for more intricate patterns we use stencils).

Step 9: Spraying the texture

Step 10: Highlighting

  • We start Highlighting from light to dark and then back to the main spray color.

Step 11: Pulling the pattern tape or stencil

  • Once we've sprayed and highlighted the job, it's time to "unveil" the job by pulling tape or stencil.

  • Flat scrape after the tape has been pulled and the surface is dry enough to walk on without cleats.

  • Broom and blow off the job.

Step 12: 150 Sealer application

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